Tuesday, August 28, 2007

TOP TEN :: Top Ten Single Issues Ever :: #8

Amazing Spider-Man #33
by Stan Lee & Steve Ditko

There are probably more influential issues of Spider-Man than Amazing 33. One would be hard pressed to find one which is better, though. This issue shows Steve Ditko at the height of his influence on the character, as well as the apex of his storytelling, penciling and inking. Spider-Man, trapped beneath tons of debris, struggles to free himself from the rapidly rising water; he needs to get the serum that will save his Aunt May’s life. While many great stories have centered around a Peter Parker’s desire to quit being Spider-Man (See Amazing Spider-Man #50), this issue shows that while he may fail, he will never give up. That is the heart of the character, and marks this issue as the true “Greatest Spider-Man Story”. Easily one of the top ten.


Shawn Reynolds said...

I love old Spidey issues!

Big Dog Studios said...

My Dad was around for the dawn of the silver age. His vivid stories of grandeur were in large part responsible for me becoming a fan. No other single issue drove that force more than this one. Many years later, we sought out this issue together and today I'm proud to have it as part of my collection. Excellent choice Phil!

Andy Mansell said...

Not just the greatest story, the greatest page in comics history and dare I get even more granular?, the greatest PANEL in Comics history. As a yongun' I drew it and drew it and traced it and drew it over and over again. As of that moment, Spiderman was the greatest hero ever and there was no turning back.

Phil Southern said...

I think that is what makes this issue work. Page by page, panel by panel, it is a work of craftsmanship and of great talent. Not only well drawn, but well paced. Each page even works as a mini-cliffhanger.

Big Dog Studios said...

I agree. Each panel builds with intensity until Spidey finally explodes! This premise has been repeated ad nauseam in the Spidey books, but never has it been pulled off to this extent.

Phil Southern said...

A close second place goes to Amazing Spider-Man 228 and 229, by Stern and Romita Jr. It is essentially the same story as Spidey tries to stop The Juggernaut from killing his frail old ally, Madame Web.

Anonymous said...

I was in high school, and I had
challenges that made me feel like I
was drowning under a heavy weight.
Watching Spiderman lift that massive
machine off his back, panel by panel,
was like food for my soul. When I
turned the page and saw him throw it
over backward, it was like a trumpet
charge for my life. Decades later,
when I was divorcing and living in a
rented room, I bought a copy of this
issue FROM YOUR STORE. You didn't
know it, but I would've paid $50.00
for it, if necessary. It helped me
make it through. Thanks, guys.
Bennie Hammonds

Dustin Harbin said...

Any time, Bennie. Happy Holidays!