Friday, September 28, 2007

GET OUT OF HERE :: More HeroesCon Guest List Additions?

At this rate, we're going to have to hold part of the convention outside. Just added to our HeroesCon 2008 Guest List are cover artist and animation director Stephane Roux. He's probably best-known for his cover work on Birds of Prey and Supergirl: Stephane will be coming all the way from France for his very first HeroesCon, so be sure to make him feel welcome! Also just added to the list is Image Comics inker G.W. Fisher: besides work on Jim Valentino's Shadowhawk and The Intimidators, G.W. is working on the forthcoming Revival! Coming hot on the heels of yesterday's big Homestarrunner addition, this HeroesCon may be our biggest ever! Stay tuned for more!


Neil said...

Great news! Can I go ahead and put my name on his sketch list now?

Phil Southern said...

Is Stephane Roux the fella who has been doing those gorgeous DC house ads for the past few months? His covers have been a wonder to behold these psat few months!

Dustin Harbin said...

Yes, I think (to DC covers). No, I think (to sketch list). We leave that stuff to the pro's, as they all have different styles. Although we talk about "running" Adam Hughes sketch list for him, just in a "how-would-we-handle-it?" kinda way. Adam has the unfortunate honor of being a) a really sweet, super popular guy, and b) constantly beset upon by shady characters looking to turn his $100 con sketch into a $500 Ebay sale. Although Adam seems to have taken the situation in hand fairly forcefully over the last couple of years, so now the only people sprinting to his table when the con opens are his [crazy] fans. What were we talking about?

Neil said...

I was kidding about putting my name on the list. He he. (unless I could, then I wasn't kidding)

RE: Adam Hughes' sketch list.

I think that the part b) sucks. I'd love to get a sketch (term used loosely) from him one day, but I'm not willing to spend the big bucks on the secondary market, nor am I willing to wait in line for hours before the doors open. I suggest that you do a random drawing for the '08 Heroes Con. Anyone who is interested can put their name on a piece of paper and put in a box. Collect names (one entry per person) for the first 30 min to an hour at the beginning of the day, then pull out however many names Mr. Hughes is willing to provide a sketch for that day. That way, everyone gets a shot.

Dustin Harbin said...

Well, Adam and Allison handle that sketch-list stuff themselves pretty well. They've got a pretty devoted following of fans, so often they're half familiar with the people in line already.

I will say this: If Adam's sketches are still $100 (the last I've heard, but I'm no authority), they are so worth it/underpriced that it's crazy. I double-dog recommend that you show up early and get in that line, because you will not be sorry with the quality. Even the sketches he does FOR FREE when he has the time to participate in our annual Free Comic Book Day hoopla are preposterously good-looking, and those are the FREE ones.

The good news: he and Allison are buddies with Stephane, so they'll probably be sitting next to each other, which minimizes the number of locations you need to rush! rush! to when the doors open.