Monday, October 1, 2007

INDIE ISLAND :: Rick Spears & Rob G Just Added!

Oh yes baby! Long time collaborators Rick Spears and Rob G will be returning to HeroesCon's Indie Island next year. Besides the self-published Teenagers From Mars and Dead West, the pair also collaborated on Repo from Image Comics. But wait there's more! Rick is also the writer behind Pirates of Coney Island (with artist Vasilis Lolos) and Black Metal from IDW, with artist Chuck BB. But wait there's more! Rob G is also the artist on the cult-hit Couriers series of graphic novels with writer Brian Wood. I'm sure there's more, but to find it out you'll need to visit Rob and Rick's respective sites, or the site of their publishing company, Gigantic Graphic Novels. Tell them we said hello!


Andy Mansell said...

What do recommend we novice readers try first? (that is a lot of tasty looking stuff in one small paragraph)?

Dan Morris said...

Though Rob and Rick didn't work together on it (Rob only wrote it), I thought Black Metal was a lot of fun.

Dan Morris said...

Speaking of Black Metal, any chance of it's artist Chuck BB coming to Heroes Con?