Monday, September 17, 2007

HEROESCON :: More Awesome Guest List Additions!

Why, it seems like just last week that I was announcing the addition of Mark Waid, Eric Powell, and Chris DiBari to our HeroesCon 08 Guest List. How startling to have more names to announce already! But announce them I must--in fact, there are more announcements right around the corner, but they'll have a hard time equalling this one for "pizzazz." Stemming directly from our big trip to last weekend's Baltimore Comicon, we've just added living legend Al Feldstein to our guest list! Al's probably most famous for his work for EC Comics in the 50's, both as artist and as writer/editor, and will be making his first HeroesCon appearance next summer, which is no end of exciting for us!

Also making his first HeroesCon appearance will be indie stud Dean Haspiel, of Billy Dogma, The Quitter (with Harvey Pekar), and ACT-I-VATE fame! Dino was fortunate/unfortunate enough to be seated next to me at the Harvey Awards, and somehow we made a love connection strong enough to bring him to Charlotte. What can't love accomplish?

But that's still not all--returning to HeroesCon next year will be artist/inker/editor Mike Manley, the steersman behind Draw! Magazine, inker of a million books, and art blogger extraordinaire. Mike is one of those guys who's just cool to meet at shows, always ready to talk about art and craft and stuff--if you budding artists haven't checked out Draw! yet, it's an invaluable resource for the aspirant, with tons of interviews with the top pro's in comics, often focused on the nuts and bolts of their craft. Awesome! Okay: more to come, maybe later this week? Stay tuned!

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