Thursday, September 13, 2007

REVIEW :: JLA Wedding Special.

written by Dwayne McDuffie
art by Mike McKone and Andy Lanning

reviewed by Daniel Von Egidy

Dwayne McDuffie begins his run as writer of Justice League of America with this special tying into the upcoming nuptials of Green Arrow and Black Canary. Man this was an incredibly fun read. The heroes of the DCU are off having bachelor and bachelorette parties for the GA and Canary. But as they get down Lex Luthor, the Joker (who sounds like Mark Hamill in my head) and the Cheetah gather together a new Injustice League in a Superfriends style Hall of Doom to of course kill all the superheroes and take over America.

When’s the last time you heard a plan that delightfully simple and comic bookish? This thing is chock full of cool moments. Batman’s know-it-allingness, the Joker describing known rapist Dr. Light as “sunny”, a very powerful novice hero getting jumped by the big three’s archenemies and the return of John Stewart to the League and that “it’s so on” last page just make this a real joy to read. It’s not the big event comic that’ll change everything like so many books claim to be these days but it is big time superhero fun in the great League tradition.

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Jason Wheatley said...

What other voices do you hear in your head, Daniel?