Friday, November 2, 2007

OOO-WEE! Steve Saffel Signing Tomorrow Afternoon!

That's right, all y'all--as you most likely already know, but surely need reminding of, Steve Saffel will be signing copies of his brand new book, Spider-Man: The Icon. This is a real fancy-dan hardcover coffee-table book, covering Spider-Man as, well, an icon, both here in the U.S.A. and abroad. We're so excited about this that we've created a commemorative bookplate that will come free with every copy of the book we sell (while they last, of course):

Ooh, snazzy! In keeping with the theme of the book, that image is by Charles Vess, from a sketch he did in Shelton's Spidey sketchbook a few years ago. Buying one of the books will score you one free, which we'll even affix to the book for you if you choose.

Steve's a pretty cool guy, but if you're not ready to take our word for it, then check out this interview with him on Publishers's Weekly; or check out the book's website here. Signing will go one from 2pm to 5pm tomorrow, Saturday the 3rd of November. See you there!

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