Sunday, January 6, 2008

CHECK IT :: Richard Thompson's "Cul De Sac" Premieres In Charlotte Observer

Oh yes! As we announced last month, HeroesCon guest Richard Thompson's strip Cul de Sac is premiering in our local paper, the Charlotte Observer. In fact, it premiered today, I believe--I usually read it online (shhh!), but Shawn and Shelton both love the feel of newsprint on their fingers, and they read it today. As a daily reader and LOVER of this strip, this might not be the best place to start new readers off, but trust me, once you get down with the rhythm you'll be hooked. And remember, if you like it, let the Observer know! From what Richard tells me, this is a test run, and if they don't get enough reaction they may pull it in favor of more Garfield or something. These Observer guys are tough--why, they don't even run Gasoline Alley, the nation's oldest continually running strip, and its artist (Jim Scancarelli, our buddy) lives and works right here in Charlotte! I'm just saying be vocal, but be careful, too. And enjoy Cul de Sac!


Andy Mansell said...

I read and LOVED the Sunday debut, but was saddened and panicky--I simply HAVE to get a LIFE--when I did not see it on Monday morning. Do you know who (or whom) at the Observer we send our requests/comments?


Dustin Harbin said...

Did I not already reply to this? Shame on me! You may direct all missives to "". Remember to be nice! You catch more flies with Jell-O than with brussel sprouts. I think.

richardcthompson said...

Thanks for any and all support! I speak as one who spent many happy summers at my grandfather's house in Charlotte NC, the Queen City of the South.