Monday, January 7, 2008

HEROESCON :: Greg Rucka & Jennifer Van Meter Join Guest List!

As Neil Diamond would say, Holly Holy Night! Just added to our HeroesCon 2008 Guest List is power couple Greg Rucka and Jennifer Van Meter. Greg you may remember from a low-profile project at DC called 52, not to mention his own Queen & Country and Whiteout (which I hear is being or has been made into a movie) at Oni Press, or Wolverine at Marvel, among dozens of others. Seriously, go check out his website; I'd forgotten just how many titles he's been involved with over the last few years. Crazy! Ms Van Meter is no slouch either, writing the upcoming Black Lightning: Year One (with art by our buddy Cully Hamner), as well as JSA Classified, and the popular Hopeless Savages series from Oni Press!

Not only are we excited to welcome these two writers--welcome back, in Greg's case--but we're moving steadily toward our goal of having every one of comics' working couples in attendance at the show. Seriously, this is just from scanning the list:

Evan Dorkin/Sarah Dyer
Matt Fraction/Kelly Sue DeConnick
Jimmy Palmiotti/Amanda Connor
Steve Niles/Sarah Wilkinson
Adam Hughes/Allison Sohn
Stuart & Kathryn Immonen

That's SEVEN couples! Love is in the air at Heroes this year--we should have a big dance or something. Hmm...


Gretchen said...

So can you get Jill Thompson and Brian Azzarello, too?

Jason Wheatley said...

For this dance...will partners be supplied for the singles in attendance?

Shawn Reynolds said...

Jason, I would say something, but it's just too easy.

I'm still hoping for Bryan Lee O'Malley and Hope Larson.

Dustin Harbin said...

Good idea, Gretchen--I'll put them at the top of my wish list for the 2009 show. I'm also working on trademarking, a la Donald Trump and "You're Fired!" the term "promance", which refers to a couple who both work and/or met in the same industry. You heard it here first!

Shawn, while I would never let a cat out of its bag early, I will say that your O'Malley/Larson wish will hopefully be fulfilled. On a scale of wish fulfillment, where "5" is "real change stemming from the 2008 election", I would give this a 30.

As for you, Jason Wheatley, I always thought you and Adam were kinda promantic. Or is he just your weekend thing?

Adam Schnier said...

Just because they ret-conned Jason's girlfriend (Get it, because nobody remembers her) doesn't mean I have to take her place.