Friday, February 1, 2008

HEROESCON :: Another Big Guest List Update Already?!

Man, I know. It's hard to keep up. This is a big one though: just added to our HeroesCon 2008 Guest List are 100 Bullets cover artist (and recent Charlotte MiniCon guest) Dave Johnson; Electric Tiki Design head Tracy Mark Lee, and super-illustrator Alberto Ruiz!

Dave must have enjoyed the Charlotte MiniCon, because I think Shelton and he agreed he had to come back this summer that very night! And I'm sure that those of you who got to meet him during our wintry MiniCon will be back in force in June, to get more of those sweet sketches of his! Joining Dave is Tracy Mark Lee, the man behind the Electric Tiki line of statues, including Underdog, Frankenstein, and this reporter's favorites, the line of Harvey Comics characters, nearly all of which I own. Tracy has a new art book coming out, entitled Tiki, T-Dog, & Whatnot, which is published coincidentally by Alberto Ruiz! Alberto has been to the convention every year for the last several, and we're super-excited to welcome this stud of illustration back to Charlotte. I still keep old copies of Draw! Magazine with his Adobe Illustrator columns in them, but he's probably better known to you as the publisher of Brand Studio and originator of his very unique girly style.

Oh! This just in: returning guests Renae De Liz and Ray Dillon, who will be working together on the forthcoming Rogue Angel from IDW this year, have just confirmed for HeroesCon 2008! Talk about not being able to keep up! Next week we'll announce some big Schedule additions, plus EVEN MORE guests! Have a great weekend!


Rusty said...

Alright! maybe THIS time I'LL be able to get a sweet sketch on one o those coool coasters!(lucky Shawn!!!)

Cooper said...

Yeah, no kidding. This Nick Fury pic has brought back all sorts of painful coaster-less memories. I'm crawling under my desk and sobbing as soon as I finish typing this.