Friday, February 15, 2008

IN THE STORE :: New Rack Organization

In our never-ending quest to enhance your comics-buying experience and, more importantly, to increase the degree of ease with which you give us your money, we are now dividing our comics into genres, identifiable by the nifty signs you might have already seen on our racks and shelves. Hopefully, this will make it easier for you comic-book aficionados to find new books that provide an appeal similar to that of your tried-and-true favorites. Too, this will provide a universal starting point for those dipping their toe into comics for the first time. To our way of thinking, anything that encourages a non-reader to try out a comic is reason to celebrate. To that end: three cheers for the tireless staff at Heroes Aren’t Hard To Find!


Andy Mansell said...

Just like a great book store-- which Heroes is!!
Two questions:
Have you internally categorized the kids book and manga or are they in their own sections unto themselves and

Where did you put League of Extraordinary Gentlemen? Certainly fiction, certainly fantasy, certainly science fiction, certainly mystery and most certainly super hero. You have ten seconds to answer.

All hair-splitting aside, this is great work and just the fact that the classifications themselves call for speculation makes the entire effort all the more worthwhile. Excelsior unum!

Shawn Reynolds said...

1. Kids and manga haven't been divided up.

2. LOEG is Action Thriller.

There has been much debate about where things should go. But if you want to argue send all complaints to Dustin.

Dial H 4 Hero said...

I was still on my alphabetical kick during my last visit and thought that I was going a little mental until I saw what was going down. But the new system really works, especially on the "indier" side of the store. Thanks, all.

Mark Darnell said...

why do i get the feeling the next time im there im just gonna break down and have a panic attack or something? i dont respond well to change. ah, well, ill live, even if the authorities are notified

Dustin Harbin said...

If anything Mark, we hope you come in and just relax and enjoy. That's the point of trying to simplify everything, instead of having a "with cussing" and "without cussing" organization system.

Although, we will almost certainly rejigger everything at least one more time, to further simplify it--so it'll move from what we have now to 3 simple genres.

Mark Darnell said...

lol, i didnt say it doesnt make sense, it makes perfect sense, i just dont respond well to change >.> <.<