Friday, February 15, 2008

HEROESCON :: Big Ole Guest List Update!

We've been busy in the store for the couple of weeks with a big reorganization project, which I think Todd is going to say more about elsewhere--BUT the announcements have been backing up, so forgive me if I jam a bunch of blog posts into one many-headed mammoth monster post.

So, Heroes Convention continues to swell its already giant guest list, with a big addition of 7 names today. I'll divide them into two groups; first the mainstream guests, and then the indie guys. On the mainstream side:

WILL ALLRED is the writer of the upcoming Diary of Night from Bloodfire Studios, with artist and fellow guest Gene Gonzales. This is his first HeroesCon, although he assures me he's enjoyed the convention before as a fan.

RYAN BODENHEIM is the artist on the upcoming A Red Mass For Mars from Image, with writer and fellow guest Jonathan Hickman. You may have seen Ryan's work elsewhere in Wolverine and Black Panther. This is also his first HeroesCon.

MICHAEL EURY, on the other hand, is no stranger to HeroesCon. As the editor of Back Issue Magazine, he's a regular guest, buddy of ours, and North Carolina resident. Trifecta!

On the Indie Island side of things, today saw the addition of DEREK M. BALLARD, the super popular illustrator and designer behind a multitude of t-shirts for companies including Threadless and Royal Stock, sexy comics in magazines like Screw and Giant Robot, and his very own comic, BURN!

MIKE BERTINO is the L.A. based cartoonist behind the recent Pinwheel book, as well as a prolific painter and designer.

MIKE HUDDLESTON has been on the scene forever, but has somehow never been to HeroesCon before. Consider your Mike Huddleston drought ended: the artist behind The Coffin, Deep Sleeper, and Mnemovore will make his first Charlotte appearance this summer.

And lastly, new to the Indie Island list is TENDER LOVING EMPIRE, the Portland, Oregon based screenprinter, music maker, and comics publisher! Whew! That's a lot of peeps! I'd say more, but I have to make another few posts right after this one, AND get that dad-blamed Heroes Hotline all done! See you in just a second!


Andy Mansell said...

Who is responsible for that fabulous and rather unsettling illustration for this BLOG?

Dustin Harbin said...

Andy, I believe that is the cover to Mnemovore #1, which came out a few years ago from Vertigo, I think.