Wednesday, March 12, 2008

HEROESCON | Indie Island Guest List Additions

I'm going to make this a lot faster than these creators deserve, but I should already be home and I'm worried I might be getting sick, which SUCKS because I made it through the entire staff getting the flu one after the other, remaining unscathed. Oh well.

But that's not what I called you all here to announce! Let us forget the waves of ersatz sympathy you are no doubt flooded with currently--forget them! We shall focus instead on a super-awesome group of additions to our Indie Island guest list: just added are Liz Baillie, the SVA grad behind My Brain Hurts and up-and-comer on the indie scene; Mike Dawson, whose book Freddie and Me (upcoming) describes what it's like to grow up as a huge Queen fan (I have to assume it's awesome, right?); and most of the Partyka group of artists. These guys not only put out some really WICKED (nice!) minicomics, but they're regularly getting exposure in big-name venues like Giant Robot. Partyka members attending HeroesCon include Shawn Cheng (The Would-Be Bridegrooms, The Monkey & The Crab, AND the awesome image above I stole from his site); Matt Wiegle (No Fear Shakespeare Illustrated, Elfworld), and guest Partyker John Mejias, who also does the sweet Paping zine.

While I love all my Indie Island guests the same, I'm particularly excited about this group of names, not because they're all giant "draws" or anything, but because they all add a really sweet diversity to the party--Indie Island is going to be less like a little indie section this year, and more like a bazaar, which all sorts of different stuff going on. I'm really looking forward to using my 3 days of influence and sway to score a bunch of free stuff off of all these peeps. You hear me, peeps?

First of all, I'm not sick, for those of you who are worried. I bought some pomegranate/blueberry juice on special at the grocery store, and it was so thick and nasty that it scared any sickness away. But enough about me! I was so wrapped in self-pity when I posted yesterday that I forgot to mention Jason Horn, the up-and-comer behind the webstrip Ninjasaur, who is also brand new to the Indie Island list. Jason's been to the convention plenty of times over the years, but this will be his very first OFFICIAL appearance as a guest! Welcome, brother!

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Robert Ullman said...

Mike Dawson? Awesome! I love that guy! Freddie and Me is gonna blow some minds!