Friday, March 7, 2008

HEROESCON | Nick Gurewitch Interview Listed In Schedule!

We're putting more effort into building an amazing schedule this year than ever before--by the time of the show, there are going to be so many must-see events that the schedule will end up being as much of an attraction as the guests and exhibitors!

To that end: just added to our 2008 Event Schedule is "The Nicholas Gurewitch Fellowship", an interview with the crazy-famous creator of The Perry Bible Fellowship. I had a chance to hang out with Nick a little bit at last year's SPX, and he was awesome, so put together with my own awesomeness, this promises to be an AWESOME(squared) interview. Oh, I forgot to mention that I'd be doing the interviewing--fortunately, this will be one of the only events that I'm running, leaving the bulk of any thinking and erudition to people much more qualified.

The interview is scheduled for 2.00 pm on Saturday, June 21, but NOTE! all times and locations are subject to change with nearly no notice. You can check out the current up-to-date schedule right here!

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