Wednesday, April 23, 2008

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY :: Special Guests Announced!

Alright! I told you we were going to have a ridiculous list of special guests for this year's Free Comic Book Day, and I'm here to back that up. In case you can't see the sweet flyer I just finished above, the list of special guests signing autographs and doing FREE sketches from 1-5pm on Saturday, May 3rd will include:

IAN FLYNN (Sonic the Hedgehog)
CULLY HAMNER (Blue Beetle)
JASON LATOUR (The Expatriate)
CHRIS SCHWEIZER (Crogan's Vengeance)
BRIAN STELFREEZE (The Ride: Die Valkyrie)
ETHAN VAN SCIVER (Justice League of America)
and MATT BRADY of!

What?! Am I kidding you? No, friends--I am not kidding. This is going to be huge. And Todd informs me that we have over TWELVE THOUSAND comics to give away, although we're going to try and limit it, as in past years, to one of everything per person--depending of course, on whether you're old enough for some books. We like to give these books away throughout the year, too--it's just how we roll, dawg. See you next Saturday: doors open at 10am, and the signing/sketching goes from 1-5pm.

EDIT: Belying the fab flyer art, Mark Brooks actually won't be able to make it to the celebration due to a scheduling conflict--so you'll have to save your Brooks-ian enthusiasm for HeroesCon! But there'll still be stars a-plenty, including late addition JASON LATOUR, artist of the acclaimed The Expatriate!


Vee ! said...

Oh goodness. Iron Man opens on May 2nd. Free comic book day on May 3rd. That's almost too much awesome for me to handle in one weekend.


OMFG MARK BROOKS, CULLY HAMNER, AND ETHAN VAN SCIVER!!! *incoherent fangirl screams ensue*

Andy Mansell said...

The best gets bestier!!!!

What a week!!

Mark Brooks said...

Guys, I am so sorry for not being able to make it this year! I don't like to miss a single free comic book day much less get the chance to see Shelton and all the fine people at Heroes Aren't Hard to Find but due to a close friends wedding I'm tied down to the Atlanta area for the day. I promise to make it up to Shelton soon and I'll be in Charlotte for HeroesCon with bells on!!

-Mark Brooks

Dustin Harbin said...

No sweat, Mark--we'll tell everyone that Doug Wagner is you. Let's see, we'll need some big sunglasses... Also Doug is going to have to learn your style pretty quick... I've got to go make some phone calls.

Anonymous said...

What would be the best time to arrive to line up for the artists? Are you doing an early line up, or will 12 or 12:30 be early enough (I'd be there at 9a, but I have to work the night before and then drive 4hrs).

Latour said...

Y'know, what would FCBD be without a trip to Heroes? A travesty that's what.

So that said I'm going to be in town joining the fun and throwing down the friendly art gauntlet to all those ATLiens. Queen City, baby!

-J La

Shelton Drum said...

Glad to have ya Jason. We'll see you Saturday!

Dustin Harbin said...

Welcome aboard, Jason--I hope you don't mind pretending to be Mark Brooks as well. You can do all your Mark Brooks sketches left-handed: I know you love a challenge. That also will leave your right hand open for Latour sketches. Two guests for the price of one! Now that's good business.

Dustin Harbin said...

Oh, and to Anonymous: I would suggest being on hand around 12 or 12:30, yes. Then when the pro's show up, you can pounce. We most likely will have an idea of who will sit where by then, in case you're lying in wait for Jason Latour. Creepy!

Shawn Crystal said...

I am really looking forward to this fellas! Latour... don't hate on the ATLiens! Me and you, your momma and your cousin too...