Tuesday, April 22, 2008

INDIE ISLAND :: CCS Students Join Fray, Pass Notes

I know I already announced that the Center for Cartoon Studies (CCS) is setting up at their very first HeroesCon this year, but yesterday I was listening to the Indie Spinner Rack podcast, where they mentioned the recipient of the money they've been raising for a scholarship.

Let me back up and hit some key points really quick, just so we're all on the same page: first, Indie Spinner Rack is a great podcast, maybe my favorite one (although those Dollar Bin guys sure are friendly). Last year they published the Awesome Anthology, the proceeds of which they had solemnly vowed to give to a deserving student at CCS. The book itself is sold out from Diamond, although hopefully I can get Charlito and Mr. Phil (the show's giggling hosts) to sell us some for the store. It's pretty great, too, with TONS of good work from people you've never heard of, and some people you have heard of.

So I'm listening to the new ISR podcast yesterday, and after some very nice words about Indie Island, they get into the meat of the podcast, which is to actually call up the recipient of the award and inform them that they've won. Apparently they put together a nominating committee of school faculty and others, and then they all talked about it and chose... Chuck Forsman!

Wait, who?

Which is what reminded me that I forgot to ever announce the addition of three CCS students (including one newly minted scholarship winner) to the Indie Island roster. Ladies and gentlemen, I sincerely hope you'll warmly welcome Chuck Forsman (Snake Oil, Sundays anthology), Alex Joon Kim (Walled City, The Bird & The Bear), and Sean Ford (Only Skin) to their very first Heroes Convention! They'll be joining Joseph Lambert on the list, whose minicomics we still have a few of in our little minicomics rack.

CCS is becoming THE premiere school for budding cartoonists of the do-it-yourself self-publishing school. It includes faculty and special guests including James Kochalka, Steve Bissette, James Sturm, and a ton more, and is turning out some of the most accomplished creators publishing new work today. I'm personally really excited to be welcoming these guys to Charlotte, and hope that you are too!

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