Wednesday, April 30, 2008

HEROESCON :: What? More Guests Already?

Man for serious--it's crazy the number of calls and e-mails we're getting with guests signing on. This is going to be one PACKED HeroesCon! Presenting the latest of the (at least) THREE HeroesCon 08 Guest List updates this week:

GARY FRIEDRICH! What? The co-creator of the iconic fiery motorcycler Ghost Rider? Yes it's true--not to mention his work on Monster of Frankenstein, Sgt. Fury And His Howling Commandos, and probably a zillion others. Huge news for fans of Silver Age and 70's comics, or just Ghost Rider fans in general!

ANDY KUHN! Returning for his second HeroesCon, Andy Kuhn is the artist behind the Firebreather series, which I believe is relaunching some time this spring! Not to mention a bunch of other work for pretty much every publisher, including the much-overlooked Mantooth, written by fellow guest Matt Fraction!

STEVE SCOTT! is the current artist of Marvel Adventures: Hulk and the forthcoming Indiana Jones & the Tomb of the Gods, coming this summer from Dark Horse! Plus another thing that's still too secret to mention, but will probably be mentionable by the time of the con, so ask him then!

TOM FLEMING!, artist of boocoodles of trading cards and fantasy paintings, has also done covers for comics including Elektra, Captain Marvel, and Vampirella! He's certainly no stranger to HeroesCon, having been a fixture for years now, as has--

BILL NEVILLE!, with a list of work for companies including Marvel, DC, Image, and New England Comics. Bill's also the artist and co-creator of the critically acclaimed comic Explorers.


But it's not all wine and roses--as we get closer to the convention and people's schedules start to tangle, we'll inevitably have some cancellations. Now that I've softened you up with all the good news, I hate to kill the mood by announcing that our new buddy Christos Gage and our old buddies Jamal Igle and Eric Powell have been forced to cancel their appearances at HeroesCon this summer. All three assure us they'll try their best to be back in 09, and express the most bottomless regret at missing what's shaping up to be our biggest ever show here in 08!

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Cooper said...

Man, I was so hoping to conspire with Gage for that GODZILLA vs. SHOGUN WARRIORS mini..Next time...