Saturday, May 3, 2008

REPOST :: Free Comic Book Day 08!

Alright! I told you we were going to have a ridiculous list of special guests for this year's Free Comic Book Day, and I'm here to back that up. In case you can't see the sweet flyer I just finished above, the list of special guests signing autographs and doing FREE sketches from 1-5pm on Saturday, May 3rd will include:

IAN FLYNN (Sonic the Hedgehog)
CULLY HAMNER (Blue Beetle)
JASON LATOUR (The Expatriate)
CHRIS SCHWEIZER (Crogan's Vengeance)
BRIAN STELFREEZE (The Ride: Die Valkyrie)
ETHAN VAN SCIVER (Justice League of America)
and MATT BRADY of!

What?! Am I kidding you? No, friends--I am not kidding. This is going to be huge. And Todd informs me that we have over TWELVE THOUSAND comics to give away, although we're going to try and limit it, as in past years, to one of everything per person--depending of course, on whether you're old enough for some books. We like to give these books away throughout the year, too--it's just how we roll, dawg. See you next Saturday: doors open at 10am, and the signing/sketching goes from 1-5pm.

EDIT: Belying the fab flyer art, Mark Brooks actually won't be able to make it to the celebration due to a scheduling conflict--so you'll have to save your Brooks-ian enthusiasm for HeroesCon! But there'll still be stars a-plenty, including late addition JASON LATOUR, artist of the acclaimed The Expatriate!

UPDATE! As I repost, we are PACKED with people. Matt Brady of Newsarama is live-blogging next to me (which you can check out here), humbling my own efforts. Shelton is giving Brian Stelfreeze directions from 85, and all systems are go! Bring it on if you're planning on enjoying Free Comic Book Day with us!


Big Dog said...

I hate I missed it...I'm away on family business. I hope you guys had fun! If it was anything like previous FCBD's then it must have been something special!

Shazam! said...

Just want to say how much I enjoyed being at Heroes' FCBD. I made the the trip from Durham and have to say that it was well worth it! Thanks to all who had a part in making it great-see you at Heroescon!

Shelton Drum said...

Hey! Thank-you everybody that made this our best FCBD ever! We never know exactly what to expect, but it just keeps getting better and better. I really appreciate all of the attending artists taking time out of their busy schedules to spend a day with us in Charlotte, signing autographs and doing free sketches, when they could be home making money! Of course FCBD couldn't happen without the superb Heroes staff. Every single employee worked extra hours and just did a great job, plus we were blessed with the help of some sturdy and reliable volunteers. Thanks go out to Pete Ridell, Doug Merkle, Andy Mansell as well as Scott Valeri and Anne Geary for their continued support! Matt Brady and the “Internet Monster” came through again for the third year in a row with a glowing report and incredible coverage of the event. If you were in attendance, check and see if you are in the feature. Plus Adam and Brian from The Dollar Bin podcast recorded a ton of audio. We will let you know as soon as it is uploaded and ready to listen to. Why do we all do it? For all of you...our fantastic Heroes supporters and customers. FCBD has become the perfect lead-in to HeroesCon, and let me tell you...YOU AIN"T SEEN NUTHIN" YET! Get some rest, save some money, and make plans for the grandest Heroes Convention ever! Thanks again to everyone involved!