Wednesday, May 7, 2008

HEROESCON :: Gasoline Alley Artist & More Join Guest List!

This is crazy: THREE big HeroesCon announcements in one day? Believe me, I'd be stretching them out if I could--I'm lazy--but there are just too many to wait!

Brand new to the guest list about oh, 30 seconds ago are:

JIM SCANCARELLI: the artist of Gasoline Alley since 1986--that's 22 years! Jim is an old buddy of ours, and a Charlotte local who Shelton tries to cajole into appearing at the convention as a guest every year, and has finally succeeded! Don't miss this rare opportunity to talk to a flabbergastingly talented artist in person, not to mention someone could tell stories from now to Doomsday and still have plenty more!

DON SHERWOOD is the creator of the Dan Flagg newspaper strip, as well as having worked for years on comics titles including The Flintstones and The Phantom. More recently you may seen his graphic novel for Moonstone, I Love A Mystery.

DAVE MCDONALD is making his first appearance at HeroesCon this year, to promote his all ages book The Secret Adventures of Hamster Sam: Attack of the Evil Boll Weevils! He'll be sitting with the Kids Love Comics guys in our new Kids Love Comics Garage section of Artists Alley!

CHRIS KEMPLE is no stranger to HeroesCon--his work has been published in Negative Burn, Flashback Comics, and Fallout; he also does a ton of art for the video game industry.

Whew! Still more to come, although I think I'll go home and sleep real quick. See you in the morning with more HeroesCon news!


Andy Mansell said...

Wau to go Shelton!! I cannot wait to meet Jim and Don.

If dustin gives me an hour or so off during the Convention (like that is going to happen) I'd love to buy Jim Scancarelli lunch just to thank him for the two decades of excellence!!

Mainstream, Classics, strips and Independents-- Heroes has it all... This is going to be great.

Dustin Harbin said...

Shelton, you might want to think about hiring a new marketing guy--Andy's a natural!

Shawn Reynolds said...

I'm really glad to hear that Jim Scancarelli is coming. He sure is a sweetie!