Friday, September 5, 2008

NEXT DISCUSSION GROUP :: Monday September 29 :: Notes On A War Story

Please join us on Monday evening September 29th at 7:00 pm as the Heroes Discussion Group meets to tackle Gipi's Notes For a War Story.

After the chaotic storytelling of Ice Haven and the multi-layered symbolism of Watchmen, we agreed we wanted to focus on a book that is gripping, deep and extremely readable.

Gipi--the Italian master--is on a major roll. In the past year, 4 books have been published in English: Garage Band, The Innocents, They Found the Car, and Notes For a War Story. In War Story, the tension starts in panel two and does not let up until the end. We feel confident that once you have read War Story, you will want to read the other 3.

Topics will include but not be limited to the following:
--How does the book's two-tone coloring scheme work ?
--Does the symbolism in the book add or detract from the story?
--Does the impressionistic art heighten or detract from the reality of war?
--How do you interpret the title?
--Does a translated comic read differently than a book created specifically for an American audience?
--How has Gipi's (and other Europeans') art been influenced by American film noir?

If you read it and find the reading experience to be outside your usual comfort zone, come by on September 29th and tell us why... All comments are welcome. We will be meeting in the back of the store, so bring your own coffee or soda.

For those that wish to keep thing closer to the vest (or cape and cowl as it were) we will be having another dinnertime Saturday night discussion about Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. Watch this space as details cement.

Remember, Heroes is offering a 10% discount on both Notes For a War Story and The Dark Knight Returns. Just be sure to mention the Heroes discussion discount when you check out!


ted said...

I read Garage Band (Seth recommendation) and enjoyed it. I may actually have to get the book and attend this one. Please don't laugh when I can only point out how pretty the pictures are.

looka said...

WOW, I love your discussion groups!

Ted, haha, I laugh, cause I'd possibly say the same!

Vee ! said...

I plan on attending providing there's enough gas in the county to get me there.