Thursday, October 2, 2008


We received TWO free copies of the new unrated 3-disc edition of "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" on DVD. Shawn has taken one of them, which leaves one for you, if you think you can handle it (NOTE: If you are below the age of 18, you cannot handle it, at least in the eyes of the law, which is plenty for us. Don't even try; thank you).

Here's what to do: between now and next Friday at noon, tell us in the comments section below who YOU would most like to see as a guest at next year's Heroes Convention! We'd REALLY like to hear about people who haven't been here in a while or ever. Tell us who you'd like to see and WHY, and be creative! Also, be clean: this is a family blog, so don't be rude (thanks in advance). We'll pick the best entry and give you the DVD free! If you're from out of town, we'll charge you some shipping probably, but it won't be too bad.

Okay let's hear it!


Rich Barrett said...

Ooh, I'd really like this. This was one of my favorite movies of this past year.

I've got a few guest ideas but I'll narrow it down to one: Grant Morrison.

He's a big fan favorite now with all his high profile DC work and imagine the panels you could do with him. But even better, imagine the language barrier that would wreak havoc on his conversations at the signing tables as he tries to understand some thick-accented country boy who in turn can't make heads or tails of his thick Scottish brogue.

Anonymous said...

Easy answer: John Romita, Jr. I haven't seen him at a show since Toronto in '02, and I'd really like to get some of his more recent work signed.

More importantly, this was the first major convention that my wife (er, girlfriend at the time) attended with me, and it really set the stage for our future Heroes Con tradition, which we've attended every year since 2004 (and can't wait for 2009!).

John Romita, Jr. is a really nice guy, and he showed my future wife just how great members of the comic book community can be.

Chris & Donna Galvan
Madison Heights, MI

Andy Mansell said...

I want Steve Rude. He is the most dynamic illustrator of the past 20 years and arguably, he is peaking. Unless I am mistaken, he is an old friend of Heroescon.

Indy Island:
I want Rick Norwood from Manuscript Press amd Dean Mullaney from IDW to discuss the the comic strip reprint market.

Also-- see if the Twomorrows guys can persuade Mark evanier to come so we can have the 2009 Kirby tribute panel.

Dream guest?-- (I dare ya guys!)
Gary Trudeau.....

Neil said...

Ben Templesmith! Oh wait, you already got him. ;)

(mainstream)Greg Ruth: Greg has done the art for Freaks of the Heartland, Conan: Born on the Battlefield, the Matix, as well as as several children's books including the Goosebumps series. Having this wide variety of titles (horror, fantasy, sci-fi, etc) under his belt would be appealing to the varied fans who attend the con. I also think his background in children's publishing ties in nicely with the con's focus on reading. With two young boys of his own, Greg is also a big advocate of comics for kids (another emphasis of the con).

Greg doesn't get out much. Maybe just a couple of events during the year. He's never been to Heroes Con, either. I think he'd be agreat addition to the guest list and would do nothing but enhance the comic focused and family friendly environment.

(Indy Island)Steve Mannion: Steve is the bomb! Actually, he wrote The Bomb. The TPB came out a couple of weeks ago (I hope some of you were able to check it out). Besides doing his own self-published stuff, he's currently doing art for Tales From the Crypt and has done work for Marvel and DC in the past. Steve has a loyal following of fans and is a super nice guy. Indy Island would be a great place for him to get some exposure. I seriously believe that he would be the "new discovery" that everyone talks about after the con.

(Dream guests) Paul Pope and/or James Jean: I know they've both been guests in the past. It be great to have them back. Talk about a draw to the con!

Norrin2 said...

Thanks to Heroes Con I have been able to meet most of my comic book heroes (artists and writers, not crimefighters), but I'd love to shake Alan Moore's hand and try to tell him what his work has meant to me.
And as long as I'm unearthing recluses. why don't you get Steve Ditko as well?

schmakt said...

I do not want this DVD...
But I do want to see Stan Sakai at a HeroesCon! Let's give some East Coast love to one of the best, most personable, and most consistent independent creators out there.

I know that Usagi doesn't get much love at the store, but it is a consistently fascinating book with a creator whose love for his creation and his fans shines through every single issue.

#114 is a fantastic done-in-one story - pick it up!
Plus that whole Battle Nexus thing where Usagi and Gen guest-starred in the TMNT cartoon was on a couple of weeks ago... and it's still brilliant!


Eric said...

I have a trio of suggestions:

1. Denny O'Neil, who will be returning to writing Batman soon for the first time in almost a quarter of a century. It also helps that he wrote my favorite superhero series of all time, the 1980s-era Question. He's a legendary writer, a legendary editor, he lives on the East Coast, and there's no reason for him not to be invited.

2. Mark Evanier, in whom you would get not only a talented writer, but also a touchstone to the past. His recent book about Jack Kirby was wonderful, and he would appreciate the attention that Heroes gives to the comics veterans that are underappreciated today. You could probably talk him into hosting around 12 panels, one of which could be about the legendary Kirby. Hell, get Sergio Aragones on board too!

3. Blake Bell isn't a comics professional, but I'd like to see him host a panel about Steve Ditko.

Travis W. Howard said...

Dave Sim

For a number of reasons --

1) Potential for numerous convention panels (indy comics; retrospectives; drawing

2) Bolster the Indy Island presence even more so.

3) It'd be a rare appearance, which could draw more people from the surrounding states.

And selfishly, because I'd want to try and get a sketch or purchase some artwork from the guy :D

Alternately, I wouldn't mind seeing someone like Zack Snyder or any other directors (especially those with films debuting around the same time as the convention for crossover marketing potential)

Travis W. Howard said...

PS -

Please bring back Evan and Sarah Dorkin next year!! I think they had fun (aside from the car show boom-boom-boom interrupting panels) but their car broke down on the way back from Heroes Con. I hope the experience didn't sour them on future convention appearances.

monkeyhouse said...

Chris Bachalo.

Chris is one of the most adaptable artists of the last 20 years. That's not to say he's just ripping off whatever style is hot at the time – CB tweaks his style to fit whatever book he is working on. He's done X-Men. He's done Spider-Man. He's done Vertigo. The man has something to appeal to everyone.

Plus I've never seen him at a con – and I'd love to get him and Tim Townsend in the same room.

If you can pull this off you can even keep the DVD. I'll just be happy standing in Chris' line. I'd be willing to travel the almost 2,000 miles from Arizona for this. (I'm probably coming already - but this would seal the deal.)

Nathan Rouse said...

Doug TenNapel

he doesn't seem to venture much outside of SoCal, but i would love to see him on the guest list. His Earthworm Jim recognition should get some faces at his booth to then be surprised by awesome works like Iron West, Creature Tech and Tommysaurus Rex.

A family-friendly creator with too little recognition.

I also second JRJr

dennis said...

Mouse Guard's David Petersen

The kids and I all love his work on Mouse Guard. He has a degree in printmaking and his pages look great.

I hope this comes out right, first time blogging.

And Shelton I was at the Central Ave. store when you had Paul Gulacy.

Thanks for the 08 Heroes con I was great.

McKay Mil;ton said...

Off to HeroesCon!
creators galore to see
which appeals to me?

A king's progeny
whose appearance here would thrill
I would choose Joe Hill!

Nicholas said...


He's one of the greatest of all time. His influence can be felt from the "big two" to the independents all the way back across the pond to recent popular comics across Europe.

kjchen said...

I have a stack of Finder graphic novels that need to be signed by Carla Speed McNeil. I'm counting on you guys to help make this happen.

However, Phil Foglio would be an acceptable substitute.

Chuck Wells said...

If the legal disputes between the two warring studios is resolved, Watchmen will open in theaters next year, so it's about time that Dave Gibbons made his way to Charlotte.

Other old school requests would be Joe Kubert, Neal Adams, "Jazzy" John Romita, John Severin, Brian Bolland, and a return appearance by Mike Ploog.

Lyle said...

All right, I;ll be honest, my pick for Heroes COn '09 is a selfish one. Very selfish.

I would LOVE if John Romita Sr. would attend. I've long loved this man's artwork, and I would kill to meet him.....

...but that's not why I want him to attend Heroes Con.

He is a legend, a MASTER of the pencil, and has drawn some of the most legendary arcs in Marvel history...

...but that's still not why I want him to attend Heroes Con.

I want him to attend because I have a book I want to get signed. The book is "The Death of the Stacys" Hardcover. I got this for my daughter, Gwen, before she was born. It is already signed by Stan Lee (thanks STAN!!), and I would love to see it signed by John Romita...I'd even throw in for a head sketch. This book is going to be put up for her, and, one day, she can see this book, and see that two comic greats signed this book just for her.

I know it's sappy, but that's my pick, and that is the reason why.


Phil Southern said...

What do we do if we don't want to see "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"? Write who we don't want to see at Heroescon?

I have to echo Dave Gibbons. In fact, we should get a clipper ship, and bring Alan Davis, Garth Ennis, Grant Morrison, Dave Gibbons, Brian Bolland and the ghost of Frank Hampson next year!


Dustin Harbin said...

Wow! After a weekend at SPX, I'm floored at the response to that post--keep em coming, y'all?

Don't anybody shoot me or anything, but who is Joe Hill? I'm not familiar with his work.

Rusty Baily said...

You know, I actually had my heart broken by a Sarah Marshall, and I had JUST ABOUT forgotten her....thanks guys...

I know I'm not elegible, nor am I good speller, but the more I see of Lienel Yu, the more I absolutely love his work. Ya know I've got love for New Avengers, but High Roads BLEW ME AWAY! AWesOME!!!

PS-mckay mil;ton is making everybody on here look bad...he's set the standard for creativity thus far fellas....
but there's a lot of good suggestions though!

McKay Milton said...

Joe Hill is the author of the novel Heart Shaped Box, writer on IDW's Locke and Key ,as well as being the son of Stephen and Tabitha King.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I have two suggestions really...the first, I'm sure, can be echoed by many posting here. The other...a little un-traditional for Heroes Con, maybe, but hear me out...

1) Mike Allred - Mike's an amazing guy, both as a person and as a comic creator. I had the privelege of meeting him around 11 or 12 years ago at Dragon*Con, but not since. He is, hands down, one of the best contemporary comic artists today. And I shouldn't even have to mention that Red Rocket 7 has been my favorite limited series since I read it 10 years ago.

2) Cast members from Battlestar Gallactica - As I said, not quite as traditional for Heroes Con, but the show is top notch and Dynamite does release comics based on the show. Top selections here would be Katee Sackhoff, Grace Park, James Callis, and Tahmoh Penikett!

---Matthew Smith