Thursday, October 2, 2008


Man, our boss Shelton Drum is fighting the national economic crisis virtually by himself, by driving all over the country doing conventions. Last week he went to the Baltimore Comicon, which he was seriously glowing about upon his return. Apparently they really knocked the ball out of the park this year, so congratulations to our buddy Marc Nathan and his staff for putting on such a great convention.

But not happy with one super-long drive in a week, Shelton's going for round two this weekend when he travels to the Mid-Ohio Con, going on Saturday and Sunday in Columbus, Ohio. He's bringing his new super-stock that good ole Seth has been working night and day to put together over the last few weeks. Apparently it sold like crazy in Baltimore, so congratulations to Seth and Shelton on that one. This is so far a highly congratulatory blog post, and I suspect more congratulations are in the offing. Anyway, if you're planning on being at the Mid-Ohio Con this weekend, be sure and stop by the Heroes Aren't Hard To Find booth and slap high-fives with Shelton!

But if it's indie comics that floats your boat, it may be MY supple, largely uncalloused hand you'll be high-fiving. I'll be driving up to Bethesda, Maryland tomorrow (along with our buddy and frequent HeroesCon guest J. Chris Campbell) for this year's Small Press Expo. This is one of my favorite shows of the year, if not THE favorite: it's really fun, totally laid back, and has a chummy vibe very similar to our own famously chummy vibe.

And even more exciting this year: not only will I be appearing in my recurring role as Creative Director for the store and convention, pimping HeroesCon and selling tickets and small press tables, BUT I'll for the first time ever be appearing as a guest! I'll have copies of my brand-new (literally, I was working on the cover during my lunch break) minicomic DHARBIN #1, as well as a limited edition print I did. I would link to something showing these items, but said link does not exist. Hey, I've been busy. But come slap my hand at SPX: I'll be at the AdHouse Books booth with Chris Pitzer, Josh Cotter, and Jim Rugg!

Okay! So congratulations to Shelton and I for being road warriors, although I whine about all the driving a lot more than he does, so maybe more congratulations to him. And if you're in Columbus or the D.C. area this weekend, come say hi to one or both of us!


Andy Mansell said...

Cats away...

Kegger at Heroes this weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Shelton, just wanted to say it was a pleasure to meet you (finally, after five years!), and thanks for the great deal you gave my wife Donna on the X-Men #10 (first silver age Kazar!).

Looking forward to seeing you at Heroes Con 2009!

Chris & Donna Galvan
Madison Heights, Mi