Friday, November 21, 2008

HOLIDAY SALE! :: December 6-7, 2008!

It's here! Our yearly post-Thanksgiving/pre-Christmas storewide sale will happen in just two weeks, on Saturday/Sunday, December 6-7! Here's just a partial list of items that will be discounted:

10% OFF all new comics, trade paperbacks, manga, magazines, and more (15% off for qualifying reserve customers)!

50-75% OFF of select mangas (separate from our regular stock)!

10-70% OFF all statues and toys!

50% OFF regular back issues!

20% OFF "Hot" back issues!

PLUS Seth and Shelton will be unveiling a brand new ENORMOUS stock of dollar comics--nearly 20,000 individual comics, IN ORDER! And all just ONE DOLLAR apiece! This is going to be a great chance to get a lot of holiday shopping out of the way early, both for you AND your loved ones, who are surely wondering what to buy you! More on that later, plus more on the sale as we get closer!


Daniel Von Egidy said...

You'd have to be a dirty communist to say no to deals like that!

Andy Mansell said...

So, all of the Comic strip collections recommended in an earlier BLOG-- Modesty Blaise, Terry & the Pirates, Flash Gordon, Batman, Superman, Star Hawks, Walt and Skeezix, Popeye, Little Orhan Annie and the previously un-mentioned and current new fave--On Stage with Mary Perkins are ALL 10%off????
What a potential gift buying BONANZA!!!

Rich Barrett said...

By "Seth and Shelton" you mean Seth Peagler I assume. Not the guy who drew the cartoon used in this posting.