Friday, November 28, 2008

SHOPPING GUIDE :: This Time By An Educated Person

Although that's unfair--Andy Mansell does actually have an education, I believe.

But over on Tom Spurgeon's Comics Reporter site, he's posted an excellent group of items for all kinds of different shoppers. While Tom refers often to weird things like "Amazon" and other non-Heroes sites for purchasing, we know that you will replace all these instances in your mind with the sentence "HEROES AREN'T HARD TO FIND IS HAVING A GIANT SALE DECEMBER 6-7".

In any case, Happy Day-After-Thanksgiving, a day which still feels too festive to call "Black Friday", regardless of the actual origins of that phrase. We are open for business and ready to accept your money--whether in our store or another, we hope you have a safe and stress-free day!

1 comment:

Andy Mansell said...

Wow-- first I was accused of being a knowledgable stripper, then a communist and now... an uneducated communist stripper?