Friday, November 28, 2008


1) New comics will ship on THURSDAY, not Wednesday, next week (December 4). As always, we will be here and smiling if you'd like to come on both days. You can see a list of all the sweet books shipping next week on our New Releases page.

2) As mentioned in prior posts and pretty much EVERYWHERE ALL OVER THE WORLD, today is the "official" start of the holiday shopping season. Our giant holiday sale is going on next weekend (December 6-7), with a ridiculous number of items deeply discounted. Not only will pretty much everything in the store be discounted at some level, this is an excellent chance for you, our loyal customer, to (as Shelton says)...

3) "Be An Ambassador." Comics shops like ours run on the goodwill of our regular customers, AND a fairly steady stream of new customers. We try hard to bring new, especially younger, readers into our store, but this holiday season we're asking for YOUR help! If you have friends or family members who would appreciate a comics-related gift this holiday season, let us know--we'd love to help! Or even better, bring your friends and family into the store! We have a nationwide reputation as one of the best and best-stocked stores in the country, not to mention being such nice people and all. We appreciate your help in spreading the word about the nation's best comic book store!

[Pictured: The Honorable Nancy Powell, U.S. Ambassador to Nepal]

4) Finally, to EVEN FURTHER aid your shopping season, we've put our good ole Holiday Gift Registry online. This means you can download and print out the form, fill it out at your leisure, and bring it in to us. We'll hold onto it for you, and then you send your loved ones in: just let them know to ask for your Holiday Gift Registry, and we'll help them find everything you're looking for! What could be finer?

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