Monday, February 23, 2009

HEROES DISCUSSION GROUP :: Invincible Iron Man Volume 1

The Heroes Discussion Group is back!! We are returning to the main-stream and this time we are Invincible!

Please join us on Monday March 9th at 7:00pm when we will be discussing the Invincible Iron Man #1-7 available from Heroes in both single back issues or as a recently released hardcover collection.

We will examine what makes the story work so well; potential topics will include (but are NOT limited to):

• How the creative team tackles the trick of showing emotion on our fully masked protagonist

• Could an Iron Man exist in the real world?

• How much has this most recent take on Iron Man been influenced by the movie or by the Ultimate version?

• Does the cross-over in Issue 7 detract or improve the stories finale?

• Should super-hero stories be published in independent story arcs instead of an on-going series?

Then we have a HUGE surprise for you!!

MATT FRACTION, writer extraordinaire will join us via Conference Call and he will field our questions. Matt is an old friend (he worked at Heroes as a counter jockey years ago!) We will do our best to keep the call to Iron Man, but if a question or two about Iron Fist (or any other book on Matt's impressive resume) sneaks in, I'm sure not going to complain and I bet you won't either!

Topics I'd love to ask Matt:

• His working relationship with everyone from editor to letterer on the book

• What is the deadline pressure like?

• and countless others

So please join us for this exciting event!! Remember the Invincible Iron Man Collection is offered at 10% discount as long as you remember to mention the Heroes Discussion Discount when you purchase it!

Hope to see you on March 9th at 7:00pm!! It will be fantastic!


Neil said...

Man, I wished I lived closer. Sounds like fun.

Brian said...

Looking forward to it!