Saturday, February 21, 2009

PHOTO REPORT :: George Romero!

Holy Mackerel! When we agreed to have a special in-store signing with film director George Romero, we thought it would be a good way to promote the store to people who may be unfamiliar with us.

But JEEZ LOUISE, what a turnout! If you've ever been to one of our massive Free Comic Book Day shindigs, it was kind of like that, EXCEPT that all of those people were there to meet just one dude! Whoa Nellie!

The signing was part of the "American Zombie" film retrospective organized by The Light Factory, and in some ways sort of the lead-off event. Many thanks to Wendy, Juliette, Dee and the whole staff for putting on a great event and being able to adjust to some pretty wild challenges on the ground!

Read on for all the gory (get it? gory? zombies?) details at the Flickr set we've posted, containing over 60 photos!.

UPDATE! My man Russell Smith just sent me this short YouTube video in our store. Although he's referring to a different "Dustin" in the video--MY directing idol is Russell himself. Check it:


Rich Barrett said...

Look at that crowd. If those people had all been zombies you guys would be dead now.

looka said...

Cry Cry, sob sob, Hurray!

First because your store continues to be the glowing example of the Awesome COMICBOOKSTORE. And second (and possibly not so important...) because I don't live around the corner of you to see such events!!

Rusty Baily said...

HOLY COW!!! I was on my way there and ran into difficulties. Looks like I would have ran into more if had've actually made it! I say again, "HOLY COW!" AWESOME! AWESOME!! AWESOME!!!