Friday, February 20, 2009

TODAY! :: George Romero In Our Store!

Today's the day! From 3pm to 5pm today, we'll be hosting acclaimed director George Romero, who unleashed zombies on the world with his seminal "Night of the Living Dead" and many followups, perhaps most famously "Dawn of the Dead." His appearance is in conjunction with The Light Factory's film retrospective "American Zombie," going on all this weekend. AND the signing in our store will be the only public autograph opportunity of the entire weekend!

Not only is Mr. Romero a legendary film director, but his zombie creations are no stranger to comics. Shawn and Seth have put together a really sweet selection of comic versions of some of his most famous works, as well as his 2005 DC series Toe Tags--plus a ton of other zombie-related works like Walking Dead, Zombies Vs Robots, and more! So rest assured, there'll be plenty of ways for you to give us money to show your love of zombies today!

A couple of things we're getting A LOT of questions about:

1) We will be giving out numbers throughout the morning and early afternoon for the autograph session--this means you don't have to stand in line all day waiting. BUT you can only get them here at the store, in person, and one per person. NO EXCEPTIONS! When the signing begins, we'll be calling numbers rather than making everyone line up. We love you!

2) We are unsure as to whether or not Mr. Romero is asking attendees to purchase something from him in order to get an autograph. We have tried to figure out the answer, but it's still sort of unclear. WE are not charging anything for the event, nor do you have to purchase anything to stand in line. This is not to say that we won't be ready to help you purchase as much as you want to. We MAY exercise the right to limit the number of signatures per person in order to make sure everyone in line gets a chance to get to the front--this depends on total turnout/speed, etc.

3) Similar to 2: we are not restricting photography, except insofar as Mr. Romero's personal preferences extend. And as always, if anyone doesn't want their picture taken, please respect their wishes and personal space.

Okay! Look for a collection of photographs from the event later today or tomorrow! See you at 3 o'clock!

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