Friday, February 13, 2009

OUR FRIEND :: Jim Royal

Last week our friend Jim Royal died. Jim was not only a gifted penciller, inker, and all around artist, but the kind of guy who could crack you up just by turning his head a certain way at the right time. He's known Shelton for years and years, and I myself have known him since I started working here, 13 years ago last week.

I remember sitting across the street at a table with (then fellow clerk) Matt Fraction, and the both of us just crying laughing at Jim, who could make a stone gargoyle laugh. We called him "Gentleman" Jim, although in truth he was anything but, but in the best possible way. Jim was generous to a fault, and the kind of guy it was always fun to see, whether in your hometown or out somewhere on the con circuit.

Besides his personal qualities, Jim was an illustrator and inker with a deep portfolio, including work on Arkham Asylum, The Spectre, Birds of Prey, and Spider-Man, and many more. He was a primo dude, and he'll be sorely missed, not just by us, but by his many many friends throughout the comics industry.

Our thoughts go out to his many friends and family. Goodnight, Gentleman Jim.


Chuck Wells said...

A fitting eulogy, Dustin.

I didn't know Jim personally, but my thoughts are with his family, friends and fans.

greg digenti said...

Jim was an amazingly talented guy who was the life of every party he attended, and he will be missed by me and everyone else he came in contact with.