Friday, February 13, 2009

Fred Chao, Jim Ottaviani, and More Join Indie Island!

Oh yes! Just added to our HeroesCon 09 Guest List, as part of Indie Island, is a star-studded indie cavalcade of ingenious independent impresarios. That may be overstating it a little bit, but hey--this is the Internet, after all. But enough of this blather: witness!

LIZ BAILLIE is totally awesome, believe you me. She's the author of the My Brain Hurts series, as well as the new Sing Along Forever, and is a regular contributor to indie anthologies like the AWESOME Anthology!

FRED CHAO is just as awesome as Liz, but a little taller. He's also the cartoonist behind Johnny Hiro from AdHouse Books--I believe a collected edition might be coming out later in the year. EXCITEMENT!

RACHEL FREIRE is a relative newcomer, but HER new book FCHS from AdHouse looks kind of amazing. It's also written by our old chum Vito Delsante, who is also kind of amazing. So are you!

CARLA SPEED MCNEIL is returning triumphantly to HeroesCon after like... jeez, I can't even remember when she was here last. It might have been LAST MILLENIUM!! Either way, she's been producing her acclaimed self-published series Finder since the latter days of the 20th century--it's already classic!

JIM OTTAVIANI is so friendly it reminds you of how you wished you were more nicer to people. Not you of course, but other, less nice people. When he's not saving puppies from burning orphanages, he's the writer behind the science-inflected Bone Sharps, Cowboys, and Thunder Lizards, and Suspended In Language!

MK REED is know both far and wide for her excellent writing, especially on her Ignatz-winning story in Papercutter #8, not to mention Cross Country and I Will Feast On Your Whore Heart. Whoa, MK, language!

Whew! Okay, still more to come as I work my way through this stack of forms, but I'm starting to, if not catch up, at least get into a rhythm. Signs point to TWO updates to our Guest List next week! See you then!


Rich Barrett said...

I think I'm going to buy some Finder from Carla Speed McNeil. I've always wanted to try out that series.

looka said...

Oh sweet butter bread! Your list is always awesome!

...come the day I will see this Heros Con thing you do! I will enjoy it sooo much!