Wednesday, February 11, 2009

PHOTO REPORT :: Claudio Sanchez, Feb. 10, 2009!

Well, I said it briefly yesterday, but now I have said it in a much more longwinded fashion: Claudio Sanchez is a super-nice guy, the signing we hosted yesterday went almost impossibly smoothly, and everyone had a great time.I mean, check out all these peeps:

Okay, there are 40-something photos, most with wearisome descriptions and anecdotes, all yours for the viewing over at our Flickr site (I just noticed we've crossed 1200 photos!!). I sincerely hope you enjoyed them. I'm home sick today, and it was extra hard to think of anything to say when I was so busy pitying myself. The things I do for you!

Oh, but before I forget, for those of you who couldn't come but want a piece of the action:

Before he left to go play last night's Coheed & Cambria show at the newly named Bojangles Arena, Claudio kindly signed the rest of the "bloody" Kill Audio vinyl figures we'd gotten in for the event. If you'd like one of these tour exclusive fellas, drop Shelton an e-mail or call us at 704.375.7462 with your charge info to order one. We'll probably charge you $5 or $6 or so, depending on where you live--and of course you can just pick one up in the store anytime, until they're all gone. Okay--go drink in the photo report!!

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Anonymous said...

the Claudio signing was awesome! you should rally to get more awesome people to come in and do autographs!