Friday, March 13, 2009

PHOTO REPORT :: Heroes Discussion Group!

This past Monday we held another installment of our ever-growing Heroes Discussion Group, led as always by our main man Andy Mansell (perhaps making him our Main Mansell?). This was one of our biggest Discussion Groups ever, second only to the Watchmen discussion we held a few months ago. While we of course like to think it was of us, more likely it was due to the fact that we were joined via telephone by Iron Man writer Matt Fraction.

As we miss no opportunity to mention, Matt worked here years and years ago, before he achieved fame and fortune first as an animator and filmmaker, and more recently as a big-time comics writer. So it was extra-awesome to have Matt join our discussion of The Invincible Iron Man Volume One: The Five Nightmares. Andy (and us, here and there) quizzed Matt about his process, how he became a writer, and some of the ideas that went into the relaunch of Iron Man. Unsurprising to everyone there, it was awesome!

Facilitating said awesomeness, and recording it for future broadcast, were our friends from The Dollar Bin podcast, Adam Daughhetee and Brian Eison. Adam brought a tower of sound equipment, and patched our phone line right into it--Matt's voice was pumping out of the speakers, and we were all miked so Matt could hear us. I'll post a link here when the DB guys have the podcast available on their site, but I'm sure they wouldn't mind if you went and poked around on their site right now--it has a ton of reviews, interviews, and of course their regular show. Not to mention a TON of recorded panels from last year's HeroesCon!

Okay--I took a bunch of photos, which you can check out either on our Flickr photostream, or roughly the last third of this Heroes Discussion Group photo set. Check it out!


Brian said...

Glad the DB could be a part of the event. I had a great time and will look forward to the next one.

Moses Monster said...

I need to turn up to one of these. They are monthly no?

ldef said...

Yeah is this an open discussion that anyone can attend?

Dustin Harbin said...

Bring it on gents! All you need to have is a good attitude, and you are welcome.

Andy Mansell said...

We'd love to say they are monthly but bi-monthly has been more the norm. We want to know what books you want to discuss--the only rule is that is has to be collected and in print. The main stream suggestions offered at the end of the last discussion were: Fables, Brand New Day, Final Crisis,Civil War and Batman R.I.P.
Indy books included Blankets, Persepolis, V for Vendetta, Usagi Yojimbo and Casanova.
Let us know!! Thanks for reading!!
(This comment will be posted on the Pod Cast blog entry as well!)

Lee said...

If this will be bi-monthly then we could definitely discuss "Usagi Yojimbo: Grasscutter." There is so much to it I thought it would take a little more time to put everything together for it. I've said enough about this book at this point. I leave it up to the wise gurus of comics, Andy and Dustin, to decide what we should do next! :)