Thursday, April 23, 2009

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! :: Saturday, May 2, 2009!

Holy cow, Free Comic Book Day is just a week from Saturday! Jeez-O-Man, and Shelton is firing up his big party machine. Since my last FCBD post, we've added Sonic penciller and colorist Matt Herms, as well as amazing Secret Invasion and Astonishing X-Men colorist Laura Martin! (My bad, Cully wrote me to say she's not going to be able to make it, and I totally forgot. But she'll be at HeroesCon in June!) Not to mention the ridiculous guest list you can see in the image above.

To review: there'll be between 20-25 different comics we'll be giving away while supplies last (we always order a TON, but some things sell out before others). We'll open our doors at 10am, so come early and stay late. The signing/sketching/kibbutzing jamboree will start around 1pm, and got until 5. Although Brian Stelfreeze is always sketching like an extra hour after everyone else is done. Don't miss out on this totally FREE event!


Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard from Chad and Erica at Apocalypse Comics? I just realized they're in the middle of those fires in Myrtle Beach and I was wondering if they're okay.

Shelton Drum said...

I talked to Chad this afternoon. He didn't mention the fire. I think he is north and west of where the fire is now. The firefighters are using the inland waterway as a firebreak right now, so I think Chad is out behind the fire.