Thursday, April 16, 2009

HEROESCON :: Mark Waid, Roger Langridge, Dustin Nguyen, Oh My!

Rolling right along! Just added to the HeroesCon 2009 Guest List is up-and-coming publisher BOOM! Studios, along with three of their biggest creators: Mark Waid (Irredeemable), Roger Langridge (Muppets), and Michael Alan Nelson (28 Days Later). And, since three names just isn't enough these days, we're throwing in a couple of first-timers, Detective Comics' Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs!

MARK WAID is an incredibly popular and prolific writer (like I have to tell you), with past work including Kingdom Come, breakout runs on Flash and Fantastic Four, and recent work on Amazing Spider-Man and Supergirl. His new BOOM! title Irredeemable was an instant sell-out, with a second print already on the way.

ROGER LANGRIDGE is not only the creator of the Eisner and Harvey nominated Fred the Clown, but he also is behind the new Muppet Show comic that sold out in about 30 seconds. AND BOOM! is doing a Muppet Show HeroesCon exclusive, with a new cover by Langridge just for us! Did you hear that, Rusty?

MICHAEL ALAN NELSON is the writer of numerous books for BOOM!, including Hexed, Fall of Cthulhu, and 28 Days Later. He's making his very first trip to HeroesCon, so we hope you'll be extra sweet to him!

ALSO making his first trip is Detective Comics penciller DUSTIN NGUYEN! I love this guy's art almost as much as his first name--check out the cover to the upcoming Batman: Streets of Gotham at left... sweet! Besides that and his current gig on Detective Comics, Dustin's also worked on Wildcats 3.0, Authority, and more.

He's joined by his occasional collaborator and inker, DEREK FRIDOLFS, who is inking Detective and Streets of Gotham, and in the past has worked on Green Lantern Corps, JLA, Immortal Iron Fist, and a ton of other!


Shawn Reynolds said...

I am so excited that Roger Langridge is coming! The Muppet Show is my new favorite comic!

Phil Southern said...

Yet another Ginormous week of additions! Where/When will it end?

Andy Mansell said...

Shawn-- you absolutely need to read Fred the Clown by Langridge-- it is required reading--I swear.

Great job guys--

Note to Dustin-- Mark Waid may be perfect for the panel by panel examination panel- brought to you by the Department of Redundancy Department