Thursday, May 7, 2009


The Heroes Discussion Group returns with a vengeance!!

We are sticking with the mainstream and this time we are going to tackle the immensely popular Umbrella Academy written by Gerard Way front man for the band My Chemical Romance (MCR).

Please join us on Monday May 18th at 7:00pm when we will be discussing the "The Apocalypse Suite," the first storyline of Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba's The Umbrella Academy. The book is available from Heroes in both single back issues (1-6) or as a recently released softcover collection.

PLEASE NOTE: The single issues on the rack at Heroes are 1-5 of the second series. We will be discussing the first series!!!!!!

Potential topics will include (but are NOT limited to) the following:

• Does the cartoony art properly service a super-hero story? Were Ba's references and influences a help or hinder to the storytelling?

• Could you relate to any of the characters on a gut level?

• Does any of MCR's music overlap into Gerard Way's comics writing?

• Did the creators successfully capture the European feel they were striving for?

• Does the story hold up well on a second reading?

• And lots and lots of plot points I don't want to mention here so we can avoid spoilers for those who have not yet read?

• If we have time, I'd love to discuss the covers as well. James Jean is a true talent!

So please join us for this exciting discussion!! Remember the The Apocalypse Suite is offered at 10% discount as long as you remember to mention the Heroes Discussion discount when you purchase it!

Hope to see you on May 18th It's gonna be terrific!


Matthew Knapik said...

The Umbrella Academy: The Apocalypse Suite is in my opinion the most-happening six comic books on the planet! I think its swell I'll be able to talk to other enthusiasts about this incredible work of art. I have read this book numerous times. I have no qualms about "pushing it" on customers who ask what I recommend. It says something about its perfection when you consider my favorite character is dead before the series even starts - genius!

Brandon said...

I wish I could join this group this month (especially since I've been wanting to check this title out), but I definitely think I'll be on board for the next outing. I've been looking for something like this to flex my geek muscles!

Are these scheduled monthly?

Rich Barrett said...

I really hope to make this one. LOVE Umbrella Academy and really want to hear Andy's thoughts on it.

Meredith said...

Any news about SCAD workshops? There haven't been any updates on the schedule page.

Andy Mansell said...

I am counting on you to bring up a lot of discussion points! Do you have any MCM CDs I could borrow b4 next Monday?

I would say we have averaged about every OTHER month. But-- maybe we will have something really special planned for this summer.....

hope you can make it-- when my child was little I never left the house except to go to work so I unnerstan', but hope to see you. You are always a great participator.

I bet Dustin will have something to say about SCAD when he gets back from the Great White North. Those workshops last year were great!!

Matthew Knapik said...

I do not own, nor do I wish to hear anything by MCR. I'll be honest, I'm afraid I will not like Gerard's music and it would then taint my most favorite comic book ever. Mental, I know, but I refuse to have anything sway my favorable opinion of the UA.

Andy Mansell said...

The only reason the MCR music has piqued my curiosity is because of the intro by Grant Morrison in the trade.

Music is obviously an important part of the story arc.

Can't wait to discuss it!!!

Dustin Harbin said...

Meredith: it's coming soon!

Dillon Deaton said...

The group was awesome last night. Enjoyed meeting a couple of you for the first time. Sorry i had to run out, wasn't too sure how long the groups last. Looking forward to the next one, definitely got a whole new perspective on the umbrella academy.

Andy Mansell said...

Thanks Dillon-- we loved having you. For me that was a fun night and the group really stepped it up to make it an interesting discussion.

Thanks for all the musical tidbits Seth!!!

Lee said...

Any movement on the big announcement, Andy? I've already bought the hardcover of what I thought we might discuss in anticipation!