Wednesday, June 3, 2009

BACK UP AND KICKING IT! Plus Sweet DC Nation Mention!

Well, in case you've been trying to access our website for the last 24 hours or so OR e-mail any of us, you probably had no luck. BUT everything is good to go now--and good thing, too; look what was in all the DC books that came out today:

Oh yeah! Just as a reminder, DC Comics will be set up at the show this year, which is more or less what all the small type says. I can't be sure, but it MIGHT say that you need to purchase your 3-day advance passes super-quick, OR it might point out that we've opened up a very limited number of small press tables for sale, which you should also jump on super fast. OR BOTH!

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Brandon said...

I love seeing a Wolverine-fueled ad in a DC book. I like it almost as much as seeing a Dark Knight ad in a Marvel book.