Tuesday, June 9, 2009

HEROESCON :: Silver Age, Kids Love Comics, More!

Okay! We're closing in on the homestretch here, but super swamped for time--and good gravy it's past-time for dinner, so forgive me if this blog post sounds rushed--not to mention packed!

Joining the HeroesCon 09 Guest List today are a bevy of Silver Age Legends, including:

PAT BASTIENNE, former Talent and Editorial Coordinator at DC Comics and then Continuity Comics with Dick Giordano and Neal Adams.

DICK GIORDANO, former Managing Editor at DC and legendary artist and inker, especially on characters like Batman.

IRWIN HASEN, who's really more of Golden Age talent, but talent like Irwin's is timeless anyway. Besides creating Dondi and co-creating Wildcat, Irwin is famous for his work on Green Lantern Comics and All Star Comics!

HERB TRIMPE, whose work you may recognize on the image at right, the first ever appearance of Wolverine! Herb is closely associated with The Hulk, but has worked on pretty much everything else, including Fantastic Four, The Nam, and Shogun Warriors!

But wait there's more! Also new to the list today, representing the Kids Love Comics! collective, are all-ages superstars:

RAY FRIESEN, author/illustrator of the graphic novels Cupcakes of Doom!, Another Dirt Sandwich, and Yarg!

JIMMY GOWNLEY, the creator of the hit Amelia Rules series!

SCOTT CHRISTIAN SAVA is the cartoonist and animator behind The Dreamland Chronicles, Pet Robots, Ed's Terrestrials, and many more besides!

And while not part of Kids Love Comics! or a Silver Age legend, our buddy TOMMY SMITH will be appearing this year at the 12 Gauge booth, promoting his upcoming book U.D.R.!

Okay--time for dinner! More to come tomorrow, including more panels, news, and more!


Anonymous said...

It keeps getting better and better. Even if I lived in Philly I would still be driving to Charlotte next weekend.

jedi said...

Do not forget Mr Trimpe did a lot of GI JOE art over the years!

Rusty Baily said...

IRWIN! He is such a small guy to be so chocked full of AWESOME!