Wednesday, June 10, 2009

HEROESCON :: Sean Chen, Steve Skeates, Drew Weing, More!

No sleep til HeroesCon! We're burning the midnight oil tonight, trying to get this here program book put to bed, and I've been trying to grab up any stragglers who aren't already on the list--especially Sean Chen, who I thought was already up there. My bad, Sean! Again, I'd prefer to lavish praise and attention of all of these people, but I'm looking at a pretty late night so pardon me if I go the short route of welcoming first-time guests Steve Skeates, Drew Weing, and Evan Bryce, and returning guests Sean Chen, John Gallagher, Jason Horn, and Dean Trippe. Okay, the list all formal-like:

New to HeroesCon 09 Guest List!

EVAN BRYCE: Popgun, Project: Rooftop
SEAN CHEN: Nova, Iron Man, Wolverine
JOHN GALLAGHER: Buzzboy, Nascar Heroes
JASON HORN: Ninjasaur, Comic Book Tattoo
STEVE SKEATES: Crazy, Creepy, Peter Porker
DEAN TRIPPE: Butterfly, Comic Book Tattoo
DREW WEING: Blar, Nickelodeon Magazine

Okay! More to come, in my wee-hours marathon! See you tomorrow/today!

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Danny Donovan said...

Hope I make it on your list before the show starts. lol.