Thursday, June 11, 2009

INDIE ISLAND :: T-Shirt Sneak Peek!

Another late-night post! Oops, actually early-morning now. Poor Indie Island has not gotten much attention from me this year, which is sad because I love it so. But it will still be incredibly awesome--besides the regular awesomeness, this year we've fortified it with 100% more Jeff Smith (Bone, Rasl), David Petersen (Mouse Guard), and Jason Lutes (Berlin).

Plus a little secret weapon I like to call Joe Lambert, who did the endpapers for the monstrously well-received and lauded Best American Comics 2008, is a mainstay and studbolt on the minicomics scene, and is working on a big secret book currently for a big book publisher. AND he did this year's Indie Island shirt, which is even now at the printer being printified on some fly American Apparel and regular-old shirts for you to look fly in. Because you're up so late with me, I thought I'd share a peek at the image. I love it! Keep your eyes on Joe, because he's for real, and he's nationwide, suckas!

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looka said...

Besides all of Heroe's INDIE ISLAND is the thing that would make me run around crying (for good!) and make me realize, I spent all my time there - in a rush.