Friday, July 3, 2009


by Andy Mansell
  • That we have the greatest group of volunteers in the history of Comic Cons! There are too many of you to name individually but you all know who you are!! God bless you!!

  • That HeroesCon is the greatest, family friendly Convention in North America

  • That Jeff Smith went above and beyond for his fans all weekend long!.

  • That Adam and team from the Dollar Bin are LIFE SAVERS (repeatedly!!). GO to their website early and often!!!

  • That when Shelley Drum says “Jump”, we say, “Out of what window?”

  • That Dustin Harbin defines 'grace under pressure' [editor's note: NOT!]

  • That I would gladly pay money at any time to listen to Dapper Phil Southern talk about anything and everything—a hoot and a half!!

  • That the lovely blue-haired Karla has THE toughest job in Charlotte during Con Weekend

  • That Trey and Michaele ought to quit their day jobs and open an Art Gallery

  • That when years from now--we in Charlotte--will be able to say that we were the first to identify Roger Langridge as the greatest cartoonist of this new-ish century.

  • That Jim Scancarelli, Marcus Hamilton and June Brigman combine to create a fascinating panel discussion. I hope they are all back next year.

  • That if we are ever allowed to do a Panel-by-Panel comic discussion again, we will need at least three hours to get through a standard comic book

  • That the Quick Draw keeps getting bigger and better every year. It is one of the Heroes Con highlights

  • That the best costumes were Mary Marvel (adult) and Nova (kid)

  • That Shawn Reynolds and Seth Peagler rock and are THE ROCKS!!

  • That Sunday at 3:30 pm is the time to buy up graphic novels.

  • That Vee is a fabulous photog

  • That the Information Booth is the most fun place to be on Father’s Day Weekend.

  • That I want my daughter to attended SCAD when she gets old enough. Their booth was hopping!

  • That if any of the film channels show Irwin Hasen: A New York Life, you will need to TiVo it and not miss it. when we were not laughing out-loud at his outrageous stories, we were tearing up at the sad moments in his long life

  • That the "Coolness Scale" has a new barometer; from this point on we rate coolness by 1 (for the least cool) to Matt Fraction who is the equivalent of a TEN PLUS

  • That Chris Claremont has a lot to say about many things non-mutant

  • That you have to take comments on Twitter with a grain or two of salt

  • That I am sure I am forgetting someone or something--Sorry!!!

  • That I can’t wait for next year!!

  • And finally:

  • That Shelton Drum is truly the Grand Master of Fandom. Once you enter into the Heroes Realm, you are part of his family forever

  • And AMEN to that!!!!

Photo by Vy Tran. Check out her whole set of HeroesCon picks here!


Shawn Reynolds said...

Gosh Andy, you are so sweet! I think we have all been overwhelmed by all of the nice things people have said about the convention.

Andy Mansell said...

Shawn--for you, I would move heaven and earth and for you I would carry long boxes filled with "Dollar stock", but never long boxes filled with Silver Age-- that is too much pressure for any volunteer regardless of my rank!

But to me, the success of Father's Day weekend was in the looks on the faces of the conventioneers as they were walked out the exit doors.

Many times in other cities in the distant past, I've witnessed the typical exhausted "deer in the headlights", tired and disillusioned look on most ticket holders faces.

What I've seen upstairs at the Charlotte Convention Center, year after year, have been a sea of smiles and and a feel of elation.

Mission Accomplished! You guys are truly awesome!!
Last thing: If you guys weren't so darn special to a man (pardon the King's English)there is no way the army of volunteers would work so hard!!